Books for children. Inspired by Montessori.

"The combination of phonetics and simple retro illustrations makes for an excellent entree into pre-literacy." - Wall Street Journal


Montessori: Map Work


As with all things Montessori, students begin with the concrete and move to the abstract. When learning geography, students first develop an understanding that the earth is a round globe, made up of land and water. 



Montessori: Shape Work


When learning shapes, Montessori students first develop an understanding of the spatial object in comparison to other shapes and a relevant application for each shape—before learning the names.



Montessori: Number Work


This book follows the Montessori method by introducing the numbers 1 to 10 first as quantities to count before showing them as numerals.



Montessori: Letter Work


In Montessori classrooms, students learn to write before they learn to read, so the process is driven by their own words and thoughts before those of others. We start with the sounds of the letters, and then come to learn their names.


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Itinerant Philosophy: On Alphonso Lingis


It was an incredible joy to work with Tom Sparrow on a collection of essays about the fearless, courageous and absolutely singular, Alphonso Lingis. It was also an honor to interview this philosophical titan, and personal hero.